Thanks, Sources and Shout-Outs

Thanks To...

Randy Perham at Bishop’s Orchards in Guilford, CT for all his support, encouragement and guidance in getting our granola to market at Bishop’s.

Dagmar Ratensperger of
Dagmar’s Desserts in Deep River, CT for all her help and support getting us going in the professional baking biz

Liz and Diane for introducing Patrice of Whitneyville Food Center to our granola

Patrice Notarfrancesco of
Whitneyville Food Center for trying our granola and liking it so much that it is now on the shelves there

City Seed, for supporting our business idea in the first place

Joan Panetti, for being our first and most enthusiastic customer


Here are some of our local and not-so-local ingredients that we are proud to recommend:

Hannan Honey from Southbury, CT. Excellent wildflower honey sweetens Granolus Rex and Happy Jack.

Sugar Maple Farm, in Lebanon CT. This excellent maple syrup is found in “The Crunchy Yankee”.

Penzey’s Spices. Our granolas would not be nearly so good if we didn’t use China Cassia Cinnamon, Whole Nutmeg and Pumpkin Pie Spices from Penzey’s, our favorite spice source. And once you know about them, they’ll be your favorite place for spices and seasonings too.

Shout-Outs Laurel, for being a helper, supporter and sometime assistant granola chef.